All About Free Audiobooks

There are many websites offering free audiobooks. Some websites offer a thirty day free trial period and will want your credit card details when you sign up. Below is a list of websites where audio books can be downloaded for free. Most audiobooks are downloaded as MP3 files, WMA files or AAC files. These file types are usually compatible with most electronic devices such as MP# players, Kindles, Computers, iPods, tablets and smart phones. Check the website for compatibility or options for Apple Mac and iPhones. Furthermore, you may need a free audio converter tool if happen to need an audio file is a different format. In the main though, downloading from these websites should be easy and straight forward. Don’t fret if it’s not fast because some files might be quite big. Here, in alphabetical order, is a list of websites for free audiobooks. 

Audible has a 30-day free trial offer available for new customers. The offer includes one free book of your choosing and two Audible original books.

Audiobook Sync.
Good for teenagers. SYNC is ostensibly a free summer reading program designed for readers aged 13 and up, but is available to all readers.
Download entire books or chapters.

Free Classic Audio Books:
Download classic and fiction audiobooks. DVDs are available to purchase.

To download from Hoopla a library card from a supporting library is required.

Internet Archive
This site has over 20,000 results for audiobooks when searched, including classic sci-fi books and poetry.

Readings by volunteers who have read chapters of books that are in the public domain. Full books are available in Zip files.

Light Up Your Brain
This website is specially for younger children. Transcripts are available to help beginner readers so they can listen to and follow the story.

Loyal Books
A website for public domain books. Genres like Children, Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and more. Most classics are available.

Open Culture
This website offers Non-fiction, fiction and poetry.

OverDrive can only be accessed through your local library if your local library is a subscriber.

Project Gutenberg
A website with a difference.  It offers books read by people and some that are computer-generated.

Only some of the audiobooks offered on Scribl are free to download.

To use Spotify a paid membership, usually monthly, is required. Thereafter downloads are free.

Stunning for young children.  There are fairy tales, classic stories, original stories, educational books, and short stories for the very little ones available to download.

Thought Audio
A site for those with a more serious literary bent or need. ThoughAudio offers classic literary works and philosophy books.

YouTube’s focus is on video so has a limited choice of audiobooks, predominantly for students and adults. Targeted searching is required. 

The law books

Streaming or downloading a copyrighted audiobook is legal, if it’s only being used for personal use. Sharing the download online or in any other way is illegal. It is illegal for any sites to upload an audiobook to begin with without the author’s, or author’s representative’s, written permission. If audiobook files are not copyright protected it is not illegal to download and use them. It could also depend on where you live. It would appear that the audiobooks available for downloading on the websites listed above certainly are legal by all accounts. They are books and stories either already in the public domain or the websites have permission from the authors. However, as with most online interactions these days, check the websites for the terms and conditions contained in their fine print.

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