How to Become Your Own Tech Support: Tools You Need to Have the Fastest, Safest, and Best Technical Services

Business is becoming dynamic every other day, and so are technical services. Customers keep having newer needs, and the challenges in technical services show pros and novices their other side. When this is not taken care of in time, it’s possible to lose out on critical clients, resources, and revenue, ultimately leading to the fall of the business. That’s why you need the best tech support tools to help you provide the safest, best and fastest tech services when starting a business. Not only will you identify and resolve lackluster issues, but you will also gain and retain clients. Here are the best tools you should have.


Brosix is available on the web, Linux, macOS, and iOS. Succeeding in the tech world highly depends on whether you offer fast services and communicate in real-time, two significant features you get with Brosix. This top-notch tech support tool allows instant communication without a lag. 

The teams are engaged collaboratively, and client needs are recorded and responded to in real-time. Privacy ensures data protection, and this is a feature that Brosix provides by keeping your connections private and encrypted. When you have to manage people or send screenshots on the internet, you can easily do it with Brosix.

Live chat

A recent survey by showed that 79% of clients now prefer Live Chat to other tech support services. This is probably because Live Chat is one of the fastest tech support tools available. When you cue in Live Chat, instant messaging is now possible without a lag or backlash. What’s more, Live Chat can be accessed over the internet, meaning that as clients browse, they can use it for immediate problem solutions.


Asana is one of the best tech support tools today that will raise your business to the top. You can have it on Windows, web, iOS, macOS, and Linus. Good organization is one of the characteristics of successful tech support providers, and this tool will help you achieve it. 

As your team works, they need to organize everything in the proper perspective, and that’s what Asana will help you do. Besides, Asana enables you to prioritize your tasks and prevent bottlenecks by effectively managing dependencies. This way, the team always has something to do and will never stay idle.


If you want to connect with clients on multiple channels, then FreshDesk is one of the tech support tools you certainly don’t want to leave behind. At any given point, you can have customers on the phone, email, Live Chat, or Instagram, and FreshDesk will integratively help you manage them. Besides, you can run automated scenarios, agent assignment, and time tracking using the FreshDesk features.


The IT world is developing and creating new dynamics. So are all the fields related to it, including tech support. Since this is the prevalent situation, a rich knowledge base is critical. Guru is a tech support tool that provides you with the up-to-date information you need to stay at the top of the business world. 

It can work with software like Dropbox and Zendesk, which it uses to integrate and share information. This way, your team has the latest news and is better placed to respond to customer needs.


Your employees are a significant part of your team, and their comfort means the team’s success. Comfort in this perspective suggests that they have their computers up and running. Everything from the VPN connection is working pretty well. 

InvGate is a tech support desk that ensures this kind of comfort for your employees. With InvGate workflows and ticketing system, they can reset their passwords and address other credential issues efficiently.


Avatier is commonly called the “password station” in the IT world. A survey by this year showed that about 30% of the issues clients and employees raise are related to password and credential issues. Fortunately, such problems can be resolved by having a fast and safe tech support tool like Avatier. 

This not only ensures service delivery but also minimizes chances of lags in the system. Eventually, you have smooth-running services and features clients really appreciate.


Many video conferencing tools are available today, but you certainly want to try Whereby for tech support. With Whereby, you can create rooms and conduct meetings when you share links. You can turn this into an effective tech support avenue by adding Whereby to your web and solving tech issues using live video meetings. 

This ensures real-time communication where clients raise problems, and you attend to them immediately. What’s more, video-conference sessions tend to be more productive since you see your client and have the advantage of reading his facial expressions to understand what he means.


There is no better way of getting to the heart of your customers than by providing them with multiple choices. Zoho has a survey feature that you can use from time to time to know the nature of your clients. Why not try the star rating, multiple-choice, or dropbox options to assess your customers and understand their priorities? It’s easier and cheaper with Zoho!


Communication is the fuel in business relations, like any other relationship. So when you have to use emails for communication or frame something formal, you definitely don’t want to spoil things with bad grammar. Still, you are not a grammar wizard, which is why you need grammar aids like Grammarly

This tool provides you with appropriate suggestions and helps you identify mistakes you wouldn’t have noticed. This enables you to stay formal and avoid ruining your reputation. What’s more, Grammarly is free, although you must pay for premium services.

Having fast, safe, and top-notch tech services make your clients trust you and stick around. However, lackluster communication, lags, and backlashes keep your customers at bay. This article shares some of the best tech support tools you can try to have the best for your customers. Avatier, Live Chat, Zoho, Brosix, and InvGate are just some of these.

Rose Rosie is a writer for the personal finance website, Joy Wallet, which provides readers with useful information, resources, and tools to help maximize their financial fitness.


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