Time To Get Started With Creative Writing Exercises!

There are many different styles of writing, some of which may be easier to master than others. While certain types may follow an easy-to-adopt style, creative writing is a style that can easily become a pain in the neck for those who are not naturally creative. Thankfully, creative writing can be learned and it is and it is a skill that you can improve over time with dedicated practice. One of the best ways to improve your creative writing is through creative writing exercises. Today we will cover how to get started with creative writing exercises and where you can go to find prompts that will help improve your skills.

What is Creative Writing?

There is technical or academic writing, and then there is creative writing. With creative writing, the author is tasked with using innovation, creativity, imagination, and emotional imagery to tell their story. Creative writing allows the writer to take readers into a different world through nothing but their words. While this may seem easy on paper, artistically weaving words in a way that helps readers to suspend logic is not exactly an automatic trait.

Are Creative Writing Exercises Essential?

Seeking to improve your creative writing skills does not mean that you are a bad writer, it simply means you want to improve upon your existing skills. For those just getting started in the niche, this is also a good way to build a creative writing method that fits your unique style. Also, if you work in the field of writing, improving your skills is the only way you can stay competitive since more people are turning to writing as a profession than ever before.

Understanding The Elements of Creative Writing

Before you start with exercises, you need to have a firm understanding of the elements. In order to create a great story, or book, understanding the roles involved is critical. In creative writing there always needs to be a plot, and it must also be unique. This is the basis of your story that will lay the background for everything else that occurs. Using imaginative language in your writing and also creating an emotional connection are important elements that take ordinary stories and transform them into amazing books.

Your characters are just as important as your plot, but aside from giving them names and a role, they need to be developed. Without proper character development, your stories will fall flat and seem one-dimensional. Your message or them is also important when you are writing creatively. The point of view of your characters and writing visually is also important. This will help readers to put themselves in the shoes of the characters for full story immersion.

Easy Ways To Use Creative Writing Exercises

One of the easiest exercises you can use to boost your creative writing skills is by keeping a journal and making a point of describing your day creatively. This creative writing practice will help you flex your imagination on a daily basis which can help breathe more life into your stories over time. Editing your past work is a great exercise that will help you sharpen your creative skills and improve upon your existing content at the same time.


Practicing variations in writing voices or even character voices will help you bring your characters to life. The dialogue you use for each character can transform them from a forgettable face into one of the most loved characters in your book. As a way to improve this part of your creative writing, you can choose any character in your book and then create dialogue that covers 3 to 5 different emotional states. This will help improve your creative writing skill and develop your characters at the same time.


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