5 Great Reasons to Write and Publish an Ebook

Post-digital publishing boom, ebooks are no longer a revolutionary innovation. They have settled into the collective mind as an everyday, convenient, way to read, and you’re going to be in for a real challenge in hunting down any modern “netizen” who’s never read an ebook. 

Anyone can write an ebook and publish it in record time, and many do exactly that. Depending on the format you choose, you can retain complete control over the creative process, from text to layout, cover, pictures, and other visual content, as well as the rights over your ebook. You can choose how and where to host your ebook, and deciding to write an ebook means you’re not constrained by the word count ranges common in traditional publishing. To top that off, publishing an ebook can be extremely fast — and ebooks aren’t only a cost-effective way to get your message out, they can also generate profit in a variety of ways. 

Who should consider writing and publishing an ebook, though? Knowing exactly what you hope to achieve will get you off to a good start and keep you on the right track throughout the process, and that begins with your motive. Let’s take a look!

  1. Ebooks can boost your career

Whether you are an seasoned expert in your field or a passionate high school student thinking about college applications, writing and publishing an ebook can add a unique extra to your resume. A strong way to showcase your skills, expertise, or experiences, anyone who goes looking will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in your message once you publish an ebook. 

  1. Ebooks can offer a gentle ‘in’ if you’re an aspiring fiction author

Are you an aspiring — but ultimately brand new — creative fiction writer? Ebooks represent a low-risk way to begin sharing your work with the world, and if you’re feeling the jitters already, remember that publishing an ebook under a pen name is a valid choice. The feedback you receive from an ebook can help you grow as a writer, in turn potentially setting you up to be traditionally published in the future, if that is a long-term aim of yours. (No, publishing an ebook will not, in itself, harm your chances with literary agents and traditional publishing houses nowadays. An extraordinarily bad or embarrassing ebook written in your own name could pose that risk, however.)

  1. Ebooks can draw new customers in

Free ebooks or ebooks with a very friendly price can serve as a fantastic marketing tool, too, as countless businesses and solopreneurs have already discovered before you. That’s true for professionals within the field of writing, such as freelance editors or bloggers, but the potential stretches far beyond this realm. If you run a DIY shop, a free how-to manual can make your current and future customers feel truly valued, and if you’re teaching a course, an ebook can offer a perfect glimpse into the expertise you offer. As an important bonus, giving ebooks away makes it easy to reconnect with your readers later, as you can collect their email addresses.

Should your ebook gain serious traction, there’s even a good chance that people will stumble on your ebook first, and then decide they want to do business with you. All of this means that even free ebooks can easily generate income. 

  1. Ebooks can bring in a steady stream of income

People who already have a solid base, in particular, have the opportunity to earn a steady stream of income by publishing an ebook. If you have a popular website or blog, your loyal readers are extremely likely to be perfectly willing to pay for insights from the same expert they’ve already grown to love and trust — yes, even if you are merely compiling existing content into a readily-accessible format that’s easy to digest. 

  1. Ebooks allow you to get your message out in record time

Non-profit organizations and activists can make clever and economically-favorable use of ebooks to spread their message far and wide in record time. Downloading an ebook allows readers to get to the core of your mission in a way they are already familiar with, something that can be combined with a riveting call to action. 

Because publishing an ebook is so cost-effective and flexible, an ebook can help you achieve your goal no matter who you are. Keep in mind, on the other hand, that your work doesn’t end after you have written and published your ebook. Learn how to market your ebook to maximize its impact!


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